Maria in her studio in Los Angeles

Maria in her studio in Los Angeles

Maria Bjorkdahl, born in Rabat, Morocco and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, is a painter who lives and works in Los Angeles.

The human condition is a central preoccupation for Maria. In her paintings she negotiates the space between painting as a window and painting as an object of embodiment. The body, as the site of our being in the world, is central in her abstract work and she favors tactile, textured and imperfect materials, corresponding to human fallibility.

Starting from photographs as reference material, Maria uses a relational process of making and looking, continuously responding to the work as it grows with brushes and palette knives functioning as body extensions.

Her work has been shown throughout Southern California including Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, The Museum of Latin American Art and Gallery 825.

She is a member of Los Angeles Art Association and a grant recipient from the Center for Cultural Innovation. This summer she attended an international residency in Sweden: “Tomma Rum”  (Empty Rooms).

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