Maria in her studio in Los Angeles

Maria in her studio in Los Angeles

Maria Bjorkdahl, born in Rabat, Morocco and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, is a painter who lives and works in Los Angeles.

Her focus lies with the human predicament. Questioning the tradition of painting as a window; where the subject sits in front of the canvas, she takes the canvas off the stretcher bars making painting objects with bodily connotations; a sort of embodiment of human consciousness.

Maria works with traditional materials: canvas and oil color; organic natural materials just like human bodies,  to make painting objects  functioning as portals for basic existentialist questions. Color plays an important role in moving beyond the surface of the painting and Maria mixes her palette out of a limited range of 4 tube colors plus white.



Her work has been shown throughout Southern California including Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, The Museum of Latin American Art and Gallery 825.

Maria is a member of Los Angeles Art Association and a grant recipient from the Center for Cultural Innovation. This summer she attended an international residency in Sweden: “Tomma Rum”  (Empty Rooms).

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